Friday, November 8, 2013

Update 24: Setting up a Build process

While I've been relatively quiet here, I have kept busy. I've used these last two weeks as a breather as I keep focused on a busy 6 weeks at work (6 deployments in 6 weeks) and work on a few infrastructure details. 

I had invested a fair amount of time setting up my project to check into the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) service and run a build to validate the code integration. This was more trouble than usual for a few reasons
  1. Unity doesn't support VSTS integration, so I had to create a script to check out my files to an intermediate location, copy over the updated scripts and then check in my files again.
  2. The build process isn't straight forward with the new Windows 8.1 preview service.
The results are promising, but it still doesn't *quite* work. Still, I know left this too long. Now that it's setup, every change I make is backed up, checked in, labeled with comments about the change and then built to ensure the change hasn't broken something else.

Next I'm working on a few minor changes to setup early path-finding and improve movement, as well as fixing some animation bugs. 

There is also a software release next week that will keep me busy (aka: distract me).