Friday, February 14, 2014

Update 30: Line of Sight

I've managed to implement a simple line of sight mechanic with ray casting. If my character can't see an enemy - because they are behind another object and therefore, not in 'line of sight' of my character, I hide the mesh renderer on the object, effectively making it invisible. 

The great part about this solution is that the enemy character is still there and it's AI is still running. When the enemy character comes back into view again, I just enable the mesh renderer. Every time a character moves, I ray cast between each character and enemy to see if they are visible and then hide and show the enemy character depending on if they are in the line of sight of my player.

Here is a sample where I can't see the enemy (although, because I haven't yet replaced the UI of the enemy characters, you can see their health bars - this will be fixed later):

And here, after I move around the obstacle, I can see the enemy character again.