Friday, September 26, 2014

Update 36: Integrating the new UI to the game

I have a working game again. Each of my tanks now has the new GUI and I have more objects in my levels that provide cover and explode. I clearly have more work with the GUI, but it's giving me many opportunities to improve.

First, here is a screenshot of my slightly upgraded tile set. It is the first step in having more environmental objects. These will eventually become buildings, but for now are just big stacks of bricks.

Here are a few screenshots of the new 
GUI in action. It's currently pretty busy.
Very busy. There is a lot of GUI overlap, mostly because I'm using the default GUI slider control, which has a white border. 

I started by dropping the white border around the red bar. This helped, but the next stage is to highlight the targeted enemy, hiding the rest of the the (non selected) player GUI's

Eventually, I'll be creating a new GUI with a more discrete representative of the health. This will help to show how strong a player is, and really simplify the overall GUI.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Update 35: Back after a summer break and the new GUI

I had a little break over the summer to focus on a few other projects, but I never stepped that far away. With the release of Unity 4.6 Beta, I've jumped straight into implementing the new GUI. I've also further enhanced the explosion script and reworked the hover tank prefab to work with the new GUI. While the screenshot certainly doesn't look amazing, it is a big step forward for me to have a GUI that follows the character. Next is adding all of the new buttons and actions to the main GUI.

Here is an early sample of the new GUI in the main game: