Monday, October 5, 2015

Update 43: Rebooting again

As I said at the beginning of the project, "this is a personal project and there will be breaks..." Sometimes it was days. Sometimes weeks. Occasionally a month. This time it was a lot of months. However, one of the interesting things I found about this project is I never stopped thinking about it. Most of the delay was caused by work and family commitments, but everyday I thought about what I should be doing next... 

Today, I'm back with a new reboot, using some assets from a "Simple Military" unity package, made by a New Zealand company called Synty Studios.

This in combination with a new design idea, (Hovertank Wars is dead again), still based on turn based combat (and XCOM), but set in a new environment that drastically reduces the scope of the project. and I think makes it all possible. Over the past three (!!!) years I've now created a turn based system with pathfinding, a UI, a dynamic camera system with killcam, loading/saving, destructive environments, random levels and even a basic AI. 

It's time to take all of this and create a complete game. I look forward to (re-) starting this journey again!


  1. Hi Sam! Like the last time, I really enjoy seeing that the project continues. My personal project (a "ant simulator") was started around two years ago and maybe stay in early development for the next years...

    I think that asset fits perfectly for a turn based combat, with idle animations for the characters!

    Good luck and keep going!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the kind comments. Where can I see more details about the ant simulator?